Forex Trading at Golden Group

When trading forex with Golden Group you can be assured that we don’t trade against you in the market and that our interests are aligned with yours.

We offer transparent and reliable access to trade FX Spot in 100+ currency pairs, allowing you to create a portfolio with the yield and protection that you want.

Why trade Forex with Golden Group?

Enhanced Disclosure

In order to demonstrate our commitment to fair outcome, execution quality, and transparency within the financial industry Golden Group has fully disclosed its dealing practices and client performance.

FX Global Code

Golden Group is one of the first global institutions to sign and act in accordance with the new FX Global Code of Conduct, a commitment to stricter customer protection and transparency in the Forex market.

Custom liquidity

As an active market maker, we have more than a decade of cooperation with the major banks in the foreign exchange market and have the ability to configure liquidity for every customer.

Responsible leverage

Golden Group offers you competitive levels of leverage via our tiered margin approach but also sets responsible leverage levels to reduce your likelihood of margin close-outs and losses in excess of your trading capital.

Rates and Conditions

Prices at Golden Group are competitive, transparent and provide true value for money.

Golden Group provides you with a clear and competitive pricing structure. From your very first Golden Group trade, you benefit from simple and transparent fees. We are on your side. This means that we don’t bet against you in the market and we don’t have any conflicts of interest. Our success is dependent on yours!

Trading rules

Additional Forex features

Trading Platforms

Our award-winning trading and investment platforms give you the tools of the pros, whether you are a long-term investor or actively trading global markets. Forex Trading Platforms 

Customised Orders

Golden Group offers Resting and Immediate-or-Cancel (IOC) orders that enable clients to assume greater control of their trading trough user defined price tolerance. Orders and Execution 

Automated Trade Signals

Simplify your market analysis with free technical Trade Signals integrated directly in your trading platform. Learn more 

Our Insights

The world of currency trading never rests.

Market developments and trading innovations vie for the investor’s attention. Whether you have yet to execute your first trade or want to brush up on FX Options, you will find something in our training offering. Other traders and market participants share their insights, giving you access to the wisdom of crowds.


Forex Risk Warning


Forex is categorised as a red product as it is considered an investment product with a high complexity and a high risk.