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Privacy Policy

We (“ Golden Group”) and/or its affiliates and subsidiaries would like to inform you that your privacy on the internet is of crucial importance to us. The success of our business depends on our ability to maintain the trust of our clients. During the course of our business, we gather information about our users, and we would like to inform you about the type of information we gather, what we do with it and how you can correct or modify the information you entrust us with.

Information collected

When you sign up for a demo or live account with any entity within the Golden Group, the following information about you (“Your Data”) will be collected and stored for administrative, service related and/or legal purposes:

  • Personal information, such as names, addresses, personal registration number and e-mail addresses etc (“Personal Information”)., and
  • Website traffic pattern information and IP addresses.

Your Data is stored and kept confidential according to the legislation on protection of personal data and processing thereof applicable in the jurisdiction in which the Golden Group’s entity with which you have signed up is located, as further explained below under “Disclosure of Personal Data”.

Disclosure of personal data

The Golden Group’s employees, directors, officers and/or representatives are obliged by law to treat your data as confidential and may not pass on or use any of your data without valid legal grounds.

Any of your data benefits from this full protection and will only be disclosed to third parties such as administrative or judicial authorities if the Golden Group is compelled to do so pursuant to the applicable law, or if you have given your written consent to such disclosure. You may revoke such consent or modify its extent at any time.
Without prejudice to the above, the Golden Group can disclose the following information:

  • General customer data, such as name, address and personal registration number, to companies carrying out administrative tasks for Golden Group.
  • General customer data about corporate customers to financial institutions subject to professional secrecy, for the purpose of marketing and advisory services.

How to correct your information with Golden Group

You may also choose to modify your data on your own initiative by using the "Edit Your Profile" page which you will find in the main menu under "Member Menu". If you have any question or concern, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at or call us on +1(800) 769 6812.