Funds Of Golden Group

We are a leading investment institution with over two decades of success. 

Our fund platform helps you to invest easily in an "automatic" portfolio based on research done by selected investment advisers and independent research firms. We use a variety of absolute revenue strategy to hedge against systemic risk, and seek long-term steady value appreciation of assets.

Investment themes

As an international financial institution, we are always looking for new generate investment theme for our clients to achieve Alpha over the markets.

Risk control ability

Using a market-based investment strategy, through a quantitative way to select individual stocks, construct a portfolio to obtain a stable excessincome.

Risk earnings characteristics

This product through the use of a variety of absolute revenue strategy to divest the market systemic risk, so the relative stock and general Of the mixed product is expected to be less risky.  

Professional team investment target

Flexible use of a variety of absolute revenue strategy hedge against the systemic risk, to seek long-term steady value of assets. 

What's The Golden Group Fund?


Since its inception in 2000, we have been providing a one-stop investment management service to our customers around the world. In 2016, our asset management platform in China - Shenzhen Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. successfully listed in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (No. 366275).

We aim to be China's leading manager of Funds or Mofs, focusing on selected private equity fund and direct equity investment.


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